Security Alerts & Awareness

TFCU provides tips and resources to help keep you safe - on and offline.

Keeping your information secure is our priority, helping you avoid risks that can undermine your finances. Take steps early to protect yourself by never sharing personal information, monitoring your accounts regularly, reviewing free copies of your credit report annually, and ensuring your computer and smartphone are protected with up-to-date antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall programs. Think you may have accidentally divulged sensitive information or have been the victim of a scam? Contact us immediately as we have several measures we can enact to protect you and your accounts.

Identity Theft

Know how to keep your sensitive information safe. Our lives and business transactions have been digitized in so many ways that identity theft is a significant problem everywhere. It's impossible to avoid the threat of ID theft, but there are multiple strategies to ensure you're doing the most you can to protect yourself.

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Electronic Device Security

Reduce the risk of data breaches at home & on the go. Electronic devices are indispensable parts of our lives. We use them for business, banking, socializing, shopping and much more, meaning there's plenty of information stored in the programs and websites we visit most often. Because of this, computers and smartphones can be treasure troves for identity thieves and scammers seeking to infiltrate your system.

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Staying Secure Online

Understand online threats and how to avoid them. Information is everywhere in the digital age, which means you need to be vigilant when it comes to communicating online. Keeping your personal and financial information safe is a necessity to avoid the potentially catastrophic impact of identity theft and fraud.

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TFCU provides information you need to stay safe. There's never a shortage of scammers looking for new victims, and our activities can expose us to significant threats that are damaging to our finances and personal information. Take the time to learn about scams and how to reduce your risk.

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Social Media Safety

Tips to keep you and your family safe, secure and social. Social media allows us to communicate and connect with people online from all over the world. With the array of platforms that make it so easy to engage, it can be common for people to be too trusting. Check out these helpful hints below to learn more about the dangers that can happen, and how you can avoid them.

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